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WURTH Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensors 
WURTH Universal TPMS Sensors are designed to be the ultimate O.E. sensor replacement units in the North American market. With only 3 SKUs, these Universal TPMS Sensors provide over 95% coverage in the marketplace.

The WURTH Ultimate TPMS Universal Solution Contains: 

  • 315 MHZ sensor
  • 433 MHZ sensor
  • Sensor Aid Programming/Diagnostic Device that scans sensor IDs, PSI, Temperature, Battery, Year, Make & Model

How it Works

The WURTH TPMS Sensor System contains two blank sensors that are easily programmed to diagnose any vehicle in just a few simple steps. The user-friendly Sensor Aid has a step-by-step programming guide.

  • Only 5 clicks to be ready to scan any type of sensor
  • Only 6 clicks to select the programming solution to service the defective TPMS sensor
Some of your benefits include:

  • Reduction of SKUs in inventory
  • Improved TPMS service time
  • Built just like the O.E. sensors in terms of signal interval, durability and functionality
  • Premium grade battery designed to perform in the most severe weather conditions
  • Precision crafted air valve to prevent air pressure leakage
  • Anodized stem valve for corrosion resistance
  • Quick and easy installation